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Will the end of the decade see Tim Cook as Apple CEO?

Tim Cook, the 60 year old Apple CEO may be considering a move away from the giants. The revelation came on Kara Swisher’s podcast, where he discussed regulations on the App Store, the possibility of an Apple Car, and most importantly, his future with the company.
While he may be content with where he’s at now, he does not see himself in charge for the entirety of the next ten years. A question from the host towards the end of the interview, saw Cook respond in candidness about his plans.
Having replaced Steve Jobs as CEO from being the Chief Operating Officer, speculating Jeff Williams as the next man at the wheel may not be entirely wrong. Cook also indicated that he’s undecided what he would do after he concludes his time with Apple.
Speaking of privacy concerns on the App Store, he emphasized that privacy is a fundamental human right. Cook also disclosed that the newer IOS 14.5 was due in the next few weeks, being in beta development since February. Commenting on Facebook’s tracking policies, he stated that digital advertising could still be done without collecting users’ data, especially when they are not aware of the fact they are being tracked.
Appreciating the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, Cook discussed how fascinating it would be if their discussion at the time could be facilitated by visuals and charts popping up. The 60 year old believes the future holds more promise.
When the subject of the Apple Car was brought up, Cook initially tended to sway clear of reveling anything concrete by praising Elon Musk about what they’ve achieved with Tesla. Later outright refusing to answer regarding the Apple Car, Cook did not explicitly reject the prospect.

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