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3D Full coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector FINGERPRINT UNLOCK for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


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Tempered glass has been reinforced for hours to increase the strength in order to provide better protection for the screen. Compared to the ordinary glass on the same thickness, the tempered glass could withstand 3 to 5 times external force impact.

Therefore, it will decrease the risk of screen-shattering when dropping or crashing the phone accidentally. The screen protector will endure most of the external force impact. However, if the external force has exceeded its capacity or impact the phone in a particular angle, it will break up itself to protect the screen.



– Thick is less than 0.15mm, fingerprint-unlock support and sensitive touch.

– Premium Tempered Glass: Not like other cheap products whose frame is made of soft PET / Plastic, the whole body of the screen protector is made with premium tempered glass.

– 3D Curved: 3D Curved technology to follow the shape, seamless connection.

– Full Protection: Protect against dirt, dust and scratches, no influence on the ultimate clarity and touchscreen accuracy. 99% High Definition Clarity, 99% light transmittance and explosion-proof 9H hardness.

– Easy to Install: Precise cut and design, automatically attach to the screen smoothly, hassle-free and bubble-free.

– Repeatable Installation: If there is spot, bubble, or section that doesn’t adhere, peel it off and install again.


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