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    • We have stores in Lilydale and Croydon, planning to expand we currently provide mobile repair services throughout Melbourne and deliver our shop products globally. We provide Mobile Phone Repairs & Maintenance and inspection. MOBIHUB offers reliable repairs for a variety of electronic devices and sells high quality phone accessories. MOBIHUB devoted its first year of business in providing excellent customer service and reliable products. We have a lifelong goal to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We have a dedicated team to help our customers though every process of booking a repair service, purchasing a product or claiming a warranty.
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Computer/Laptop Repair

What We Provide?


The efficiency of your business is impacted by internet and network troubles! Call us for a prompt response to reduce this annoying downtime.


We can assist if your machines are not working properly, or your laptop is not displaying like it used to. We can resolve any Software or Hardware related issue. Including all problems with Windows, Linux and Mac.


Even though you should avoid things(sites) that get viruses into your computer, if you have a compromised PC, it’s crucial that you maintain your computer systems to have virus-free functionality and security. Get in touch with us to get your computer/laptop cleansed.


You may have just bought a new computer or laptop which might need configuration for it to be ready to use, bring it to us, and we will install the operating system of your choice and all the relevant drivers.


Are your company’s backup practices up to snuff? Keep it safe! Contact us for assistance. (Virus removal, data recovery, and computer hardware improvement services)


Do you need new software to be installed on your computer? One of our specialists will configure and set up everything so it is ready to use.