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8 best ways to maintain battery life

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Good battery life is essential for you. Whether it’s an android or an Apple, one of the biggest nuisances we face is short battery life. You could be busy at work, in a meeting, and suddenly you’ll have to run for your charger.

And there are times when you don’t have the charger handy, so now you’re stuck with a dead phone, stranded from communication and everything that’s going on around you.

Well, that’s why I’ve written this helpful blog to tell you about some handy tips that you can use to make sure that you get the best out of your battery! So, make sure to read this article till the end so you can apply it to your own phone!

Battery Life and Battery Lifespan

Just so you don’t get confused, we’ll differ between the battery life and battery lifespan. Battery life is the amount of time that your phone can run on a battery before it needs to be charged.

On the other hand, battery lifespan is the amount of time or recharge cycles that a battery can receive before it loses its operational life.

Avoid fast charging as much as you can

Although fast charging seems the way to go, since you need your battery fully charged, and you need it quick. But fast charging actually strains the phone’s battery, and reduces the battery’s lifespan.

Aside from this, some phone batteries aren’t designed to be paired with fast chargers. If you use a fast charger on these, it will further ruin the battery lifespan.

What should I do?

Charge your phone with a normal charger, unless you really need it to be charged in a small short amount of time. This way, the battery life is maximized.

Please don’t wait until your phone dies to charge it

There is a common belief that recharging your phone to a 100% after it reaches 0% battery will actually help maintain battery life. On the contrary, this is harmful to newer lithium-ion batteries, and will shorter the battery lifespan.

What should I do?

Charge your phone when the battery reaches around 15%-20%. This will place less strain on the battery, and remove the phone from charging when the battery reaches around 80%-90%.

Ideally you should keep the battery between 20-90% in order to get the most out of it.

Don’t leave your phone on charge

If you have a habit of putting your phone on charging when you go to sleep, that might be okay in some situations. Some phones have a charging cutoff feature that allows the phone to disconnect the charger current to the phone when the battery reaches 100%. If your phone has that feature, then you can charge it while you sleep.

Otherwise, you will be straining your battery by overcharging it, significantly reducing battery life.

What should I do?

Charge your phone in smaller intervals, when you’re not using it. For example, charge it when you go take a shower, go for a jog, or something that might take you around an hour.

This way, you can avoid overcharging your battery, and extend the battery lifespan.

Bluetooth and wi-fi

If you don’t have Bluetooth connected, keep it off. The same goes for the wifi. If you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi and are using your mobile data to browse the net, shut the Wi-Fi off.

When Bluetooth and wifi are running at idle, they use unnecessary battery as they keep searching for a signal they can connect to.

Activate battery saver mode

Every phone has a battery saving mode, and it works more than you think it would. I have personally noticed that the battery lasts much longer when I put it on battery saving mode, even if the battery is around 80%. The battery can easily last you up to two days on a single charge if you keep the battery saving mode on.

This is not to be confused with ultra-battery saving mode, which shuts off several apps and only lets you control a few apps at a time. While this may save your battery even more, it is not advised to activate this mode unless your phone’s about to die.

I say this because there have been several times where someone tried to contact me via Messenger or Whatsapp, and it didn’t notify me because the phone had that app shut down to save battery life.

Don’t let your phone overheat

Always remove the phone cover when you’re charging the phone, since leaving the cover on can heat the battery, straining it and damaging it. This also goes for leaving it in the sun, or close to heat sources where it could easily overheat.

Get an OLED or AMOLED phone

While this is more related to the screen than the battery, I’d advise you to get a phone with an OLED or an AMOLED screen.

The difference between these and normal screens is that OLED/AMOLED screens control each pixel’s power separately, and can shut individual pixels down.

This is great when viewing content with high fidelity and contrast, since the blacks are much more vivid and vibrant than normal phone screens.

It also saves the battery life since using lesser pixels to display the phones content will reduce battery usage, giving you longer battery life.

Dark mode and battery saving

If you’ve got a phone with anan OLED or AMOLED screen, switch to dark mode. Since this will render about 50% of the screen black, the phone will not use those pixels, and you can extend the battery life.

Screen brightness

If you’ve enabled auto-brightness, shut it off. Auto brightness only works well in sunlight, and you can do that manually as well. Manually set the brightness to low, and you’ll see a definite increase in your phone’s battery life.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it for this article! Hopefully you’ll implement these surefire techniques on your phone, and note a definite increase in your phone’s battery life and battery lifespan!

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